Playback & Recording

Lenovo T430 Laptops

  • £60/day
  • £180/wk

Lenovo T430 laptops
Kensington presentation remote
Intel Core i5, Windows 10, MS Office 2016
14″ LCD, onboard webcam
VGA/Mini DisplayPort (HDMI adaptor included)
4x USB, DVD, SD card, LAN, WLAN
Optical mouse, power supply and padded case

IceCrypt T2300 Digital FreeviewHD Receiver

Digital TV receiver hire
  • £15/day
  • £45/wk

Digital Freeview HD Receiver
Free HD channels from BBC, ITV and Channel 4
HDMI/HDCP supported (up to 1080P)
SCART and Antenna Loopthrough
Dolby Digital Plus support with S/PDIF
USB Port for File Playback (MP3, JPEG, XViD)
Ethernet with Web Browsing and HbbTV Portal Services
Full Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)