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Shure R183B Microflex Omnidirectional Microphone Cartridge

Omnidirectional cartridge in Black for all Microflex / WL series microphones


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Omnidirectional cartridge replaces an existing cartridge for Microflex / WL series Microphones.

The black Shure R183B is an omnidirectional mic cartridge compatible with all Microflex and WL series microphones. The modular design of the MX and WL series allows you to swap cartridges and use a different electret condenser microphone capsule without having to purchase an entire mic. The R183 features a forgiving omnidirectional polar pattern that picks up sound from 360° around the capsule, helping to provide consistent levels even when turned away from the microphone.

Compatible with the following Gooseneck, Lavalier, Boundary & Overhead mics:

MX413, MX415, MX418, MX690, MX183, MX184, MX185, MX391, MX392, MX393, MX405, MX410, MX202, WL183, WL184, WL185

Shure R183 R184 R185 Datasheet


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