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A&H ME-U Monitor Hub for ME Systems (Dante/EtherSound/MADI/Aviom)

10 port PoE Monitor Hub for Parallel Connection

ME-U is a touring grade, 10 port PoE hub providing power and audio to multiple ME-1 and/or ME-500 personal mixers. ME-U’s default input card allows seamless integration with Allen & Heath dLive, Avantis, SQ and Qu mixers. Fitting a Dante or MADI option card to the ME-U allows users of other pro digital mixer brands to feed up to 40 sources to ME-1s, or up to 16 sources to ME-500s.

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  • 10 ports with locking Ethercon connectors
  • Daisy chain for more outputs – up to 19 ME-1s with 2 hubs
  • Each port provides power + 40 audio sources to connected ME-1s
  • Touring grade build quality
  • 2U rack or desk mounting
  • Multi-purpose Network port:
    • Connect PC or Mac for ‘web page’ setup of unit name and IP address, and manual entry of channel names
    • Connect iLive AH-Net network to pick up channel names automatically from an iLive system

If you’re using Allen & Heath digital consoles, ME-U gives you the option to take your ME system to the next level of professionalism, eliminating the clutter of separate power supplies for each directly connected ME-1 or ME-500 unit and providing a high quality, road-proven alternative to standard PoE hubs. If you’re using other console brands, ME-U is your gateway to the ME system, with MADI, Dante and Waves SG option cards allowing a digital feed of up to 40 sources from third party systems.


  • Input:
    • Card option slot – 40 channels
    • 48kHz digital audio
    • ME-D (dSNAKE, ACE, Aviom®) card provided
    • Aviom® A-Net16 compatible -16 channels
    • M-Dante network card option available
    • M-MADI card option available
    • M-Waves V2 network card option available
    • M-ES-V2 EtherSound card option available
  • Outputs:
    • 10 ports
    • Compatible with ME mixers
    • Locking EtherCon connectors
    • PoE available on all output ports
  • Network Port:
    • Ethernet TCP/IP
    • System setup + receiving iLive channel data
  • Setup:
    • Uses PC or Mac web browser
    • Received or manual channel names
    • Received or manual odd/even stereo links
    • iLive mode for receiving iLive names/links
  • Default IP address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default Gateway:
  • Mains Input: 100-240V AC 47-63Hz 250W
  • PoE capability: 15W at each ME-U output

ME-U Datasheet

ME-U User Guide


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Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 48.3 × 25.3 × 9.2 cm


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