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FBT Vertus CLA604 Passive 6 x 4″/ 4 x 1″ Line Array Column

The Vertus CLA 604 Passive Column Line Array has 6 x 4″ custom woofer with 1″ voice coil and 4 x 1″ dome neodymium tweeter on a waveguide. We recommend a 500W at 8ohm amplifier this speaker will deliver 123dB SPL Designed to work with the CLA 208SA Subs

  •  2-way passive column line array
  •  6 x 100mm (4″) custom woofer with 25mm (1″) voice coil
  •  4 x 25mm (1″) dome neodymium tweeter on a waveguide
  •  Frequency response from 130Hz to 20kHz
  •  100V transformer with 2 levels of power, 100 and 200W
  •  100°H x 20°V dispersion
  •  4-pole Euroblock input connector: 8ohm – 100W/100V – 200W/100V
  •  Extruded-aluminium powder-coated cabinets
  •  Wall-mount installation bars are supplied
  •  Expandable line array by adding CLA604 modules in order to increase SPL and reduce the vertical radiation lobe width
  • Ideal for fixed installation in reverberant environments, it can improve both music and voice intelligibility by improving direct/ reflected sound quality
  • Available in Black or White
  • EN 54-24 EC Certificate of Conformity




The FBT VERTUS CLA 604 two-way passive speaker system incorporates 6 x 4″ custom woofer with 1″ voice coil and 4 x 1″ neodymium dome tweeters on waveguide.

The FBT VERTUS CLA 604 meets the following performance criteria: frequency response of 140Hz to 20kHz, maximum SPL of 110dB (100W, 1m). It features an extruded aluminium construction, the front is protected by a heavy duty metal grille and is fitted with fireproof cable according to UNI 9795 2010 (length 35.43 inch).

The included fixing plate allows direct mounting to the wall where Horizontal and Vertical tilt are not required whereas the optional fixing system makes mounting easy and enables the speaker unit to be turned in the best direction. The FBT VERTUS CLA 604 can be setup in constant impedance or constant voltage mode (100V/50W-100W) thanks to an included line transformer.

The FBT VERTUS CLA604 is intended for indoor installations.

Vertus CLA 604 Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 49.1 cm

Black, White


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