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JTS RU-8011DB RU-G3TB+CM-501 Single Channel Bodypack Wireless System

The best selling RU-8011DB offers a feature rich solution at a fantastic price. The large LED display shows all of the important information required to guarantee rock solid RF. The REMOSET technology allows the Scanned channel to be sent to the receiver with the touch of a button. Supplied with a RU-G3TB Lavalier microphone, this is a complete ready to go solution for the presenter.

RU-8011DB/RU-G3TB+CM-501 is a system of quality components at a very affordable price.

The system is made up of the RU-8011DB reciever Antenna Diversity UHF PLL Wide-band receiver, the Metal bodied Belt-Pack RU-G3TB and the legendary CM-501 tieclip microphone.



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RU-8011DB Receiver Features:

JTS “Antenna diversity” Two antennas are used, spaced a few inches apart, each receiving the same signal from the transmitter. The receiver constantly measures the signal strength coming from both antennas, and switches to whichever antenna is picking up the stronger signal.

  • 6 groups, each with up to 22 compatible preset channels
  • 1,441 selectable individual frequencies
  • REMOSET ULTRASONIC technology for receiver/transmitter synchronisation
  • Auto-Scan function
  • Pilot tone squelch and noise mute
  • Backlit LCD display with status indications, e.g. group/channel, antenna A/B, RF receiving level, AF audio level
  • XLR output (balanced.) and 6.3 mm jack output (unbalanced.)
  • Removable BNC Antennas
  • Half Rack size with optional rack kits available.
  • Optional rechargable Station is available (G3CH-2)

Available in CH 38 (606.5-642MHz)  OR  CH 70 (863-865MHz) versions *Please Note only 3 units on CH70 can be used simultaneously*

RU-G3TB Beltpack Transmitter Features:

  • Phase-locked Loop (PLL) synthesized tuner.
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries with 12 hrs. average battery life.
  • Equipped with 4 Pin Mini XLR connector.
  • Back lit LCD display with channel and battery life indicator, ID number.
  • The “lock-on” function prevents tampering and RF interruption.
  • Extended dynamic range and smooth frequency response.
  • Noise mute and tone-key squelch.

    Available in CH 38(606.5-642MHz)  OR  CH 70 (863-865MHz) versions * Please Note  only 3 units on CH70 can be used simultaneously*

Compatible with optional Guitar cable and optional Wireless instrument microphones and optional FGM-62 /170 Carbon series Microphones. Also compatible with the optional  JTS wireless goose-neck Microphones ask your dealer for more information on these fantastic optional extras.

CM-501 Tie Clip Microphone Features:

  • Uni-directional for high-quality voice pick-up.
  • Wide dynamic range and frequency response for excellent sound reinforcement.
  • Small size for minimum visibility.
  • Supplied with clip for easy attaching to a tie, lapel, dress etc.

Additional information

Frequency range

823-865MHz, 606.5-642MHz


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