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Multibrackets M Motorised Swing Mount X-Large 42″-75″

  • Create multiple viewing angles for a single TV
  • Slim flat to wall design, only 56mm
  • Works with displays up to 75”
  • Holds 45 kg weight capacity
  • Up to 170° swivel left or right
  • May be installed to swing from left (shown) or right
  • Built-in cable management
  • Remote control included
  • Complete hardware kit included



£480.00 ex. VAT (£576.00 inc VAT)

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M Motorised Swing Mount X-Large (RF) – Mounting kit swing arm for displays – black – screen size: 42″ – 75″ – max 45 kg – wall-mountable

Our Motorized Swing-out mount M Motorized Swing Mount X-Large offers the ultimate in adjustment flexibility. This mount allows you to mount your screen where you need to, on a sturdy wall stud, while also allowing you to turn and adjust your flat screen so that you can view it in most any parts of a room. The up to 170 degrees articulating swing-out of our Swing Arm is designed for wall attachment. With a wide range of screen sizes and VESA standards most displays up to 75” are appropriate sized to give good function together with the Motorized Swing Arm X-Large.

Original design – from Sweden
Get our original design and not a copy. The Motorized Swing Arm X-Large (RF) is a swing mount makes your wall mounted TV swing around a corner or even towards your balcony up to 170 degrees either left or right (set at installation). This allows you to watch your TV from anywhere, whether it is living room or kitchen.
As the Motorized Swing Arm X-Large fits nearly all TVs, requires no additional peripherals to be installed (all included) and is easy to install you will create a new TV environment in just the less than 20 minutes it usually takes to instal the wallmount.

Multiple viewingpositions – Fully automatic operationRF based (Radio Frequency)
First, the Motorized Swing Arm X-Large easily optimizes your TV´s visibility and with the possibility to preset a preferred angle on your remote (included) allows you to getting your TV into the right position with a push of a button. As the TV can be mounted so that either left or right swing is possible, you do not need to doublecheck which way your TV is going to swing out before a purchase. Motorized Swing Arm X-Large was designed so it can greatly increase the use of your space at home or in your office.A must have for any home, any size
This is a must have item for anyone who want great looks in their livingroom or just re-use their investment in a display to more viewingpositions than one. Instead of getting more TV´s make it possible to angle it to your second  or even third viewing position.
If you have chosen to invest a significant value in a TV, why not use it in more multiple situations ? With the open landscape design of many homes and offices of today the Motorized Swing Arm X-Large can definetily get more out of your TV or display. This actually gets the most out of your livingroom and is perfect when creating a home cinema as well as kitchen tv, library tv or even swing your TV towards your balcony during summer. The included Radio Frequency based remote creates a simple usage and positions the TV to a preset position of your own desire.

Safety first
The Motorized Swing Arm X-Large has a built in safety protection feature that kicks in if something blocks its swing movement, it automatically then goes to a full stop.

Superslim 56mm depth from wall
When flat to wall the Motorized Swing Arm X-Large builds only 56mm from the wall, making it a perfect partner for a Slim TV or display creating an optimal look.

M Motorized Swing Mount X-Large manual



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